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Everyday your vehicle is subjected to abuse from the elements: sun, dirt, smog, acid rain, brake dust, insects and bird droppings. Just like a regular oil-change and maintenance, auto detailing is not only a good practice, but also a great investment. Taking proper care of your vehicle will help extend its longevity, increase its re-sale value, and keep it looking new!  Our MOBILE detailing services make it convenient for us to work around your schedule. We provide various professional automotive detailing services including full details, exterior only, interior only and engine bay only details.  We offer competitive prices and top-notch, customized service for all of your automotive needs.  If you refer us to a few of your co-workers or neighbors, we can provide a group rate. Call us today to schedule!

Car Detail
Full Detail. Starting at $230


Our professional full detail will have your car shining from the inside out. Starting with a wash, we hand buff and wax the exterior to a showroom finish.  Wheels are cleaned to a mirror finish and tires are dressed to bring back that sleek black look. Full interior cleaning with seats removed from top to bottom and everywhere in-between.  Glass and mirrors cleaned. Engine bay degreased and shined by hand. Impressive results to make you feel like your car is brand new again!



Interior Car Detail
Interior Detail. Starting at $140


Our interior detail includes a professional deep cleaning of all the components of the inside of your vehicle.  We start with vacuuming all carpet and upholstery.​  All surfaces & crevices are cleaned using compressed air, fine brushes, soft cloths and specially formulated cleaners. Cleaning consists of wiping and scrubbing instruments & panels, windows, sunroofs, cup holders, gauges, all knobs, switches & dials, vents & louvers, mirrors, seat belts, steering column, door handles, consoles, glove box & compartment interiors, head liner, seat tracks, floor mats and the spare tire & compartment. Leather is treated & conditioned. Navigation & video screens are delicately wiped to provide streak free clarity.  Premium interior dressing is applied to enrich the tone of all surfaces.  Attention to detail makes you feel comfortable and refreshed, knowing everything is in pristine condition.

Exterior Car Detail
Exterior Detail. Starting at $140


Our exterior detail includes a meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of the entire exterior surfaces of your vehicle including door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips, wheels and tires.  It is then dried with a squeegee, chamois, soft towels and compressed air.  Tar and road contaminants from lower body sections are removed by hand with appropriate solvent.  Your vehicle is then polished using a Dual Action/Orbital buffer on all painted surfaces with a foam pad to maximize gloss and eliminate “swirl marks”. The polish is completely buffed out with the foam orbital polisher pad. Wheels are cleaned and shined to a mirror finish and tires are dressed.  All mirrors and glass are carefully cleaned and wiped to remove smudges and provide streak free clarity.  Lastly, we inspect and “final detail” the exterior using a soft cloth and finishing brush to remove the last specks of polish or wax residue.

Car Engine Bay Detail
Engine Bay Detail. Starting at $50


Are you interested in an impressive under hood cleaning?  With our engine bay detail, you are sure to be ready for that car show you've always wanted to enter.  Selling a car?  Why not show them how well it's been maintained?  We will fully degrease the engine bay & underside of the hood (plastic, rubber, & clear coat safe).  We will also agitate the grease and grime with various detailing soft bristle brushes.  Excess water blow dried with filtered air helps to clean even the dirtiest spots.  Finally, the engine bay is dressed to a matte/new look finish with a plastic & rubber coating that forms a tough barrier that prevents dust buildup, moisture, oxidation, staining, cracking, & fading.  The perimeter & underside of the hood will be spray waxed.

Car Headlight Restoration
Headlight Restoration. Starting at $45


Are you having trouble seeing at night? Over time, headlight lenses start to cloud up from oxidation. On most plastic headlights, these lenses can be sanded down and re-finished. After a headlight restoration, you are guaranteed to have enhanced visibility at night while improving the overall appearance of your vehicle. 

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