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My First Blog Post - Intro

My name is Kevin Wilson and I am the proud owner and operator of Automotive Aspects, LLC., a MOBILE automotive repair and detailing business with a unique convenience.....we come to you. I am an experienced automotive technician, specializing in Japanese vehicles. I was a foreign automotive expert at a reputable repair facility for 7 years and I have also developed skills through performing service writer and professional automotive detailing duties within the industry. I studied at Lincoln Technical Institute where I graduated in 2008 as a Master Certified Automotive Technician. I have a strong passion for cars, which developed from childhood experiences of repairing lawn mowers and my teenage cars. I combined my skills, passion and pure will to help people, to become a successful business owner, with focus on providing quality service while constantly striving to build new relationships, nurture existing ones and become an active part of my local community. I pride myself on my honest nature and personalized customer service skills. I can gratefully say that due to our dedication to quality and service, our company has received positive feedback in the form of reviews and referrals from satisfied clients, which has helped to expand our business and our brand. Below is an image that represents the connections and associations that we want to have with our local community!

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